vcardQuinten S. Taljaard

101 Park Drive
Milton Park
Oxfordshire OX14 4RY

Mr. Taljaard was brought up in a small, close-knit town in South Africa, called Kathu, where he attended school, before pursuing his bachelors at the University of South Africa.

Having always been drawn to the unknown, places to discover and new skills and knowledge to acquire, this has led Quinten to take up several roles in the business world. This entrepreneurial experience has provided Quinten with the context to relate and connect with entrepreneurs who are in the process of selling their businesses. Combining this foundation with his financial management education and skills, results in a well-rounded framework that he leverages to successfully guide our clients through the M&A process.   

At Benchmark International, Quinten is a Transaction Leader, assisting entrepreneurs and investors in selling their SME business interests. He guides and manages the process, identifies and manages all risk related policies and practices, and is the point of call for negotiating transactions.


Executive MBA – Business Administration, Management and Strategic Leadership (CUM LAUDE), University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business

PG Dip in Business - Management Practice (CUM LAUDE), University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business

Bachelor of Commerce – Financial Management (CUM LAUDE), University of South Africa


Before joining Benchmark International, Quinten led the new business development team of a real estate developer in London. Before taking up this role, he successfully sourced and developed new business streams and ventures, formulated and executed the strategic organisational vision, and guided the executive management of groups of subsidiaries within an investment company. This included managing the financial health and risk profile of organisations to ensure sustainability in achieving mandated targets. He is well skilled in adding value and providing structure to projects, deals, and organisations, especially during the succession planning stages.

Quinten decided to join Benchmark as it provides him with the platform to utilise his financial knowledge and entrepreneurial experience. His 20 years of experience starting, buying, growing, and selling businesses has provided him with the relevant context to assist our clients in extracting maximum value in their objective of successfully transitioning through the acquisition journey.


Negotiation, financial analysis and modelling, effective communicator, detail oriented, contextual understanding of business and functional areas, financial acumen, project management, creative problem solver, strategic planning and implementation, entrepreneurial, deal sourcing, relationship building, decision making, macro and micro view/observations, influence and motivation, and effective stakeholder management. 


Mr. Taljaard is passionate about adding value, in a sustainable manner, to any environment he finds himself in. He pursues this vision by living with intent, creativity, empathy, and building mutually beneficial relationships.

As such, he feels successful at work when his input, as part of the team, has resulted in sustainable value-adding results that drives the organisation forward towards its goals and long-term vision.