vcardSean Fechtmann

Senior Associate
4030 West Boy Scout Blvd
Suite 500
Tampa FL 33607

Mr. Fechtmann has been responsible for bringing numerous clients to market, including several who have successfully sold. In addition, he has managed multiple data rooms to facilitate the flow of information from the seller to the buyer during the due diligence process to assist in the closing process.


Mr. Fechtmann grew up just outside of New York City in the small town of Ramsey, NJ. Being in the NYC area drove his interest in the finance industry from an early age. Following high school, he moved to Florida to attend The University of Tampa, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Finance and decided to make Tampa his home.

As a member of the Deal Preparation (DP) team, Sean is responsible for bringing our clients to market upon their onboarding. The DP process includes the collection of numerous historical and current financial documents and performing an extensive financial analysis to better understand specific sources of revenue, expenses, overall company performance, and historical trends. It also includes a discovery process, where he learns about the company’s operations, structure, and culture. He then uses this information to build the Information Memorandum and Teaser document to bring the company to market. Once clients are on market, he is responsible for periodically updating the Information Memorandum and Teaser for contemporary financials and any other changes the company may have incurred. Sean is also directly involved in the legal process facilitating the flow of information between seller and buyer.




University of Tampa - Finance


Financial Analysis, Business Writing, Customer Service, Tax Analysis, Business Operations Analysis, Time Management, Leadership, Management, Tax Return Preparation, Financial Statement Preparation 


Sean is passionate about his role at Benchmark International because it gives him the opportunity to build relationships with our clients, learn the inner workings of their companies, and develop the marketing materials that will be used as the initial point of contact with their eventual buyer, ultimately allowing our clients to realize their goal of selling their business.


Prior to joining Benchmark International, Mr. Fechtmann had nearly a decade of experience in the accounting and finance fields. He spent four years in asset wealth management at PwC, specializing in partnership taxation. He was responsible for numerous projects including the preparation and review of federal and state tax returns for a variety of engagements including hedge funds, investment partnerships, blocker corporations, and real estate investment trusts (REITs). He served as a project supervisor, managing the day-to-day operations of a team of 10 tax professionals, assigning, reviewing, and ensuring the delivery of accurate federal and state tax returns, work papers, and estimates to clients. These experiences prepared him for his current role at Benchmark International, where he performs financial analysis for multiple clients every day.  

Sean has a true talent for financial analysis. He is adept at taking a deep dive into the financials of each company to better understand company performance, trends, and any personal or extraordinary expenses that can be added back to improve a company’s bottom line across several years, then articulating this information to build marketing materials.



Sean is an astute individual with a highly professional demeanor, hardworking and dedicated – he constantly demonstrates commitment to his team members, being responsive and present at all times. He brings a solid knowledge and experience in all aspects of taxation with strong financial analysis skills and knowledge base.
Murielle Akinotcho