vcardAnthony Lancianese

3100 West End Ave
Suite 150
Nashville TN 37203

Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Negotiation, Business Assessment, Sales, Marketing Strategy, Public Speaking, Business Development, Corporate Development, Transparency, Communication, Strategic Consulting, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving


Walsh University - MBA

The Ohio State University - BA


Mr. Lancianese is proud to have actively been involved for 20+ years with the All-Star Training Club. ATC is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing an integrated sports program for individuals with or without disabilities where mental and physical limitations are not considered.  


30 For the Future: Anthony was selected as one of 30 recipients considered to be a trendsetter in their industries and who make an impact on the region through dynamic leadership and community service.


Mr. Lancianese is a former healthcare entrepreneur, having built several businesses in community-based healthcare. After he graduated from Ohio State University and later earned his MBA, he founded three companies that provided health-related services in array of product lines. The success of these companies was built through focused, organic sales as well as strategic acquisitions that included vastly larger organizations. Motivated to achieve the best results for his clients, Anthony enjoys the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and loves working with bright and talented individuals that drive positive change.


In his role at Benchmark, Anthony helps clients find the next step in their life’s journey. He works to build a bridge, offer support, and help them recognize the phenomenal opportunities that will lead to a new growth chapter of their business or life. He carefully guides discussions with business owners, making them aware of what lies outside their current paradigm, ultimately reaching their goals and aspirations. He is results driven and loves working with other business owners and identifying where opportunity overlaps. With the belief that creating aligned interest always yields the highest and best results, Benchmark allows him to do so in an impactful way across a multitude of industries. Every day he works with successful business owners, learning from them, and helping them to strategically accomplish all that they can.


Mr. Lancianese grows more inspired every time he hears business owners discuss their successes and dreams. As Benchmark has a global reach that provides opportunities that business owners often are not aware are even possible, he finds it highly rewarding when he helps them discover new and exciting ways to grow their business or pursue much greater value.