vcardJörg Röder

Sky Office
Kennedydamm 24
Düsseldorf 40476

Mr. Röder grew up in Mülheim an der Ruhr, North Rhine-Westphalia. After graduating from high school, he completed an apprenticeship in an architecture office, where he discovered a passion for sales and supporting customers and their businesses.

At Benchmark International, Jörg has the opportunity to develop himself personally as well as support entrepreneurs in preserving their life’s work. He believes that after decades of investing money, strength and energy in their own company, they want to know it will be in good hands. Jörg accompanies the entrepreneur from the idea to the conclusion.


Mr. Röder has 22 years of professional experience in various companies and industries such as energy, telecommunications, consulting and dental.

Prior to working at Benchmark International, Jörg spent many years advising companies and owners on the selection of products and services. In his professional positions, which have included working at Vodafone and Nuon Germany, the customer and their success were always at the centre.


Success motivates Jörg which, for him, equates to customer satisfaction. He enjoys sharing excitement with his customers and showing them the way to their goal.


Sales, sales management, coaching, restructuring, communication, organisation, motivating, strategic thinking, problem solving, key account management.