vcardMaritza Sander

Associate Director
Airport Office Park, Freight Rd.
Ground Floor, Runway 01
International Airport
Cape Town 7525

Mrs Sander grew up in the Vaal Triangle, better known as Gauteng, where she completed her schooling in 1994. She immediately entered the job market and invested all of her time and energy into gaining as much knowledge and insight into industries of the companies where she previously worked. Her ethos has always been to go beyond the expected and to succeed in everything she sets her mind to. This experience and work ethic have made Maritza a valued staff member.


Maritza comes to Benchmark International with broad experience in relationship management, project management, systems and procedures, project delivery, quality assurance, strong communication skills, systematic problem solving, and forward thinking. In her current role, Maritza assists in the development and implementation of project management strategies, with on-going analysis, evaluation and improvement of business processes. She contributes to the practical implementation of the corporate strategy by identifying and aligning existing team capabilities to the growth strategy of the company.  

Maritza’s combination of high EQ, soft skill set and ability to think systematically enables the implementation of change management and process alignment techniques to support the Benchmark International Deal Preparation and Deal Execution teams in Cape Town and Johannesburg throughout the M&A process, from client sign-up to deal conclusion.




Relationship Management, Project Management, Systems, Procedures, Process Control, Project Delivery, Quality Assurance, Operations Control, Organisational, Team Oriented, Strong Communication Skills, Systematic Thinking, Problem Solving, Forward Thinking, Taking Initiative, Staff Training


Maritza believes that relationship management is key to her role at Benchmark International. With more than nine years’ experience in the M&A sector, she has a virtual mind map of nearly all the major acquirers in South Africa, Africa and beyond. She knows what they will like and what they won’t be interested in. Furthermore, Maritza has a good sense of the personalities behind the company names and is often able to read between, through and behind the lines to get past any objections and fears and to discover the truth that drives every given conversation.

Leaving a meaningful legacy, making a difference, seting an example of excellence, and learning, growing and developing with her team are important to Maritza.