vcardMike Sweeting

Director of Business Development

Mike has enjoyed many successes in life, ranging from his scholarships while studying at the University of Durham for both his undergraduate and postgraduate degree, through to being awarded as Salesman of the Year by International Thomson (now Thomson Reuters), as well as being elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, and as a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management.


Dr Sweeting experienced both poverty and great prosperity in his early life which has shaped his outlook on life today – having seen both ends of the spectrum, he knows which one he prefers.

He also attributes his success to the Guild School he attended, Skinners’ in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, as this gave him the discipline, outlet for his energies and educational opportunities that he needed.

He became a Christian at the age of 15, which ironically gave him the confidence to take up shooting and rock climbing, all of which have been part of his life ever since.




Dr Sweeting is highly involved in charitable work, having chaired many charities in the past, and is currently involved as either Chairman, Company Secretary and Trustee Director, and Member of Executive for five charities. His main one is Advance India, a charity he founded 18 years ago to bring relief and long-term support to the poor of the State of Andra Pradesh.


University of Durham – PhD in Modern English Poetry with Anthropology.

University of Durham – BA (Hons) in English Literature.


Mike’s job at Benchmark International involves building bridges between people whether between Benchmark and advisers, prospective clients and Benchmark, and buyer and seller. Having done this for over 30 years in over 30 countries, Mike is adept at his role.  

Dr Sweeting started his business life in marketing as a copywriter, then as a salesman and a sales manager, followed by many years on both buy-side and sell-side mergers & acquisitions. He has dealt with several thousand shareholder teams in all types of private company and in multi-nationals seeking to grow by acquisition. He ran 5 business units sequentially in the past, as well as setting up M&A ‘boutiques’ in 15 different countries; and have dealt with buyers from at least 30.

He then decided to join Benchmark International having participated in the steep growth curve of a very similar sales-driven M&A company, and because his lasting passion is for developing relationships with the professional world.