vcardDayna Rosado

4030 West Boy Scout Blvd
Suite 500
Tampa FL 33607


Dayna was born and raised in Puerto Rico, lived in Ohio for 26 years, and relocated to Florida in 2015, making her home in Tampa. As an Outreach Analyst for Benchmark International’s Major Transactions Team, she is responsible for maintaining effective communications and relationships with our potential acquirers. She plays a significant role in the team’s movement of clients from each phase of the process, including deal preparation, marketing, negotiation, and outreach through the closing of the deal. Dayna received her Paralegal certification through Thompson Education Direct in Scranton, PA, and she is also a Notary Public.


Thompson Education Direct - Paralegal Certification


Ms. Rosado has been involved in the customer service realm for more than 20 years, and in A/R portfolio management for more than 10 years. Her experience includes providing customers insights for critical decision-making and ensuring the delivery of an organizations’ strategic goals. She has worked to help customers visualize and analyze trends and interdependencies, in turn mitigating risk, capitalizing on new opportunities, and delivering what customers want faster, and exceeding expectations.


Dayna enjoys the complex and challenging aspects of the M&A world, and she loves having the opportunity to bring the best to the deal table, providing our clients with excellence, and the savoring the satisfaction of closing a deal.


Mergers and Acquisitions, Analytics, Customer Service, Document Management, Organization, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Teamwork, Interpersonal Skills, Adaptability