vcardNeal Wilkerson

Senior Associate
3100 West End Ave
Suite 150
Nashville TN 37203

Mr. Wilkerson is a native Mississippian, born and raised in Columbus, MS. He attended the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration with concentrations in real estate and risk management & insurance. Before joining Benchmark International, he worked as a financial advisor in Birmingham, AL and as a loan officer at a community bank in his hometown.

Neal’s duties at Benchmark International includes guiding clients through the M&A process and ultimately working towards the coordination of successful deals that leave clients feeling most satisfied.


Investment Banking, Finance, Investments, Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Research, Sales, Client Relations, Banking, Client Management, Communication, Leadership, Customer Service, Time Management, Organization, Business Opportunity Evaluation




University of Mississippi - BS, Real Estate and Risk & Insurance


Mr. Wilkerson’s responsibilities entail relationship building, connecting individuals with one another, and guiding multiple parties forward. He is relied upon for staying up to date on industry trends, researching different angles to pursue in a transaction, and maintaining a high level of organization and professionalism.

Neal was inspired to join Benchmark International because he wanted to work more closely with small to mid-size companies during important transition phases. He also wanted to work with individuals in a healthy team environment with everyone working towards a clear common goal.


Because the M&A process can be painstaking, every client needs a team of experts to handle the venture on their behalf. Mr. Wilkerson is passionate about being one of these specialized professionals who are counted upon to represent such a significant interest and major transition in clients’ lives, and provide them with peace of mind.