Vol XX

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July 2021

The latest edition of The Mark brings you unique perspectives on an array of subjects designed to inform you as a business leader, as well as information regarding Benchmark’s recent accomplishments as an M&A leader. Some of the topics you will enjoy include:

  • The Current State of Commercial Real Estate
  • Can It Be “Too Early” to Put My Business on the Market?
  • Be Wary of EBITDAC
  • Why Lower Middle Market Companies are Attractive to Buyers
  • Should I Sell to a SBIC?
  • The Myth Behind Multiples
  • Understanding Financial Due Diligence to Prepare for a Successful Close
  • What is an Employee Ownership Trust?
  • The Critical Focus of Cybersecurity in M&A Deals
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Back to the Roaring Twenties

March 2020

The Mark, our exclusive publication takes you into the next decade of unforeseen events as we take a glimpse at what the M&A industry holds for entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors. In this edition, you will find:

  • Avoiding seller's remorse
  • How private equity works
  • What the next decade holds for M&A
  • Add-on Acquisitions
  • Optimism vs. Opportunity
  • Exclusive workshops across the country
  • Benchmark International team spotlights
  • Listings of our featured opportunities
  • A collection of our completed tombstones
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Reimagined Design

Jun 2019

Our exclusive international publication offers a wealth of insight for entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and anyone interested in the world of mergers & acquisitions. In this edition, you will:

  • Access listings of our featured existing opportunities
  • Learn how to reduce owner independence before a sale
  • Gain valuable insights from our managing directors and associates
  • Get a glimpse into the med-tech and NDT industry sectors
  • Read about M&A in Ireland and South Africa for 2019
  • Discover more about us through client testimonials
  • Be inspired by stories of other entrepreneurs’ successes and failures
  • Hear ideas about retirement, exit planning, and selling a family business
  • See a selection of completed transactions
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