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We represent highly motivated business owners who are ready to take their companies to the next level, including growth strategies, exit planning, and personal wealth diversification. We have handled engagements in excess of $8.25 billion across various industries worldwide. Our novel methods and proven results are why we are known as one of the world’s most admired M&A specialists.

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Here are several ways that capital is sourced to fund mergers and acquisitions.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of An IPO?

An IPO is an initial public offering, which is the first limited public stock sale by a private company. Here are the pros and cons business owners should know about taking a company public. 

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Here are the top reasons business owners need an M&A strategy for success.

The M&A Process From A Buyer’s Perspective

If you’re selling a business, you should understand how the valuation of a company works, what it is based on, and what is important to a buyer.

What Is A Sustainable Growth Rate?

It is essential for business owners to have a solid understanding of what sustainable growth rate is and why it matters for business valuation.