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We represent highly motivated business owners who are ready to take their companies to the next level, including growth strategies, exit planning, and personal wealth diversification. We have handled engagements in excess of $6 billion across 30 industries worldwide. Our novel methods and proven results are why we are known as one of the world’s most admired M&A specialists.

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Common Pitfalls Owners Face When Selling A Business

Common pitfalls most business owners face when selling a business include not knowing the value of their business, selling at the wrong time, lack of preparation, misunderstanding future cash flow, not having an exit plan, misrepresentation, breaking confidentiality, and not addressing the transition.

Benchmark International has Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between Regency Cleaning Services Limited and Ecocleen Services Limited

Regency Cleaning Services has been acquired by the Ecocleen Group, in a deal facilitated by Benchmark International.

How Do I, as a Potential First-time Buyer, Value a Business?

As a potential first-time buyer, here are the questions you should consider when assessing the value you might offer on a lower-middle market or middle-market business.

What Drives The Need For Companies To Consider Mergers And Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an ideal pathway to stimulating positive results for businesses such as creating growth, gaining a competitive advantage, boosting market share, or improving supply chains via the consolidation of companies.​

Why Owners Call Benchmark International after M&A Firms and Business Brokers Fail

Here are a few key factors as to why business owners call Benchmark International after other M&A firms and business brokers fail.