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Benchmark International will be holding exclusive, one-to-one, confidential workshops designed to help business owners plan and execute their exit or growth strategy. Transitioning a business in this regard must be planned carefully which is why we are offering our tailored approach to facilitating a deal. This is an opportunity for you to receive our professional advice without any expectations or commitments.
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The Benchmark team includes more than 250 corporate M&A specialists, dealmakers, researchers, and analysts whose talents combine to offer our clients the very best M&A experiences. A multi-disciplinary team of experts is assigned to oversee each transaction to make certain that every detail of your deal is managed meticulously and with personal attention.
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Rollover - Why It Makes Sense To Everyone And How To Do It Right

May 19, 2021
Rollover - Why It Makes Sense To Everyone And How To Do It Right
Owners selling their business and staying on is a growing phenomenon. Whether they went to market just seeking an “elevator deal” (i.e., some additional capital to grow the business) or they decide to stick around for a “second bite of the apple,” business owners seem to not be quite ready to let go these days. As long as transaction multiples stay at record high levels, this trend is almost sure to continue if not strengthen. While this is an obvious attraction for many sellers – or else it wouldn’t be happening – it comes with added complications.