vcardAnthony McCardle

Associate Director
Airport Office Park, Freight Rd.
Ground Floor, Runway 01
International Airport
Cape Town 7525

Mr Anthony McCardle grew up in Johannesburg. He was very active in youth theatres around the city throughout his school life. After matriculating, Anthony joined his sister and helped to build a substantial advertising agency focused on delivering world-class, below-the-line marketing and communication strategies. Interacting with clients exposed him to the workings and characteristics of companies spanning a wide range of industries, from fast-moving consumer goods to electronics.


Anthony had seven years’ experience in the M&A industry before joining Benchmark International.  He has been fortunate to take on roles across the full spectrum of activities and disciplines of a sell-side advisory during these years. He has prepared bespoke marketing material and participated in the preparation-for-sale phase of client businesses and, at the other end of the spectrum, has managed live-to-market activities that include client and prospect interactions. These various hands-on experiences have equipped Anthony to effectively interact with prospective clients.

Anthony’s current role requires him to communicate to prospective clients the benefits, realities, risks, and ultimately, the rewards to be had of electing Benchmark International as their chosen sell-side adviser.




When Anthony and his sister were approached by an acquirer many times larger than their advertising business, he experienced what he describes as possibly the world’s most textbook definition of a bad sales process. Through their inexperience in selling a business, by default, the acquirer dictated the process. The resulting deal was disparaging with a valuation that, in hindsight, was way below the actual and future value of the concern. This experience has led Anthony to fight for the seller as he now knows that there is a better way to value a company. Consequently, he believes the process offered by Benchmark International provides the clearest path not only to the best possible deal but also the best possible future for clients.


Writing Effectively, Speaking Effectively, Listening Effectively, Management, Business Strategy, Traditional Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Project Management, M&A, Consultation, Negotiation, Customer Service, Oration