July 2021

This exclusive edition, titled 'Going Global,' dives into helpful topics for business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors while also providing readers updates within the M&A Industry and Benchmark International's growing success. This version of The Mark will introduce you to the team from our newly established office in Düsseldorf, Germany, as well as highlight news from our other offices around the globe.

Featured Topics:

  • What Are The Pros and Cons of an IPO?
  • What Financial Ratios Can I Use To Assess And Improve My Business?
  • What Are The M&A Sources of Capital?
  • The M&A Process From A Buyer's Perspective
  • A Deep Drive on Strategic Buyers
  • Extracting Balance Sheet Cash At Deal Closing
  • Top 9 Reasons Business Owners Seek an M&A Strategy
  • Why Your M&A Strategy Needs A Marketing Strategy
  • Preserving Company Legacy During A Business Sale
  • Deals Are Made To Be Done
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Vol XX

Ranked #1

July 2021

The latest edition of The Mark brings you unique perspectives on an array of subjects designed to inform you as a business leader, as well as information regarding Benchmark’s recent accomplishments as an M&A leader. Some of the topics you will enjoy include:

  • The Current State of Commercial Real Estate
  • Can It Be “Too Early” to Put My Business on the Market?
  • Be Wary of EBITDAC
  • Why Lower Middle Market Companies are Attractive to Buyers
  • Should I Sell to a SBIC?
  • The Myth Behind Multiples
  • Understanding Financial Due Diligence to Prepare for a Successful Close
  • What is an Employee Ownership Trust?
  • The Critical Focus of Cybersecurity in M&A Deals
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Back to the Roaring Twenties

March 2020

The Mark, our exclusive publication takes you into the next decade of unforeseen events as we take a glimpse at what the M&A industry holds for entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors. In this edition, you will find:

  • Avoiding seller's remorse
  • How private equity works
  • What the next decade holds for M&A
  • Add-on Acquisitions
  • Optimism vs. Opportunity
  • Exclusive workshops across the country
  • Benchmark International team spotlights
  • Listings of our featured opportunities
  • A collection of our completed tombstones
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Reimagined Design

Jun 2019

Our exclusive international publication offers a wealth of insight for entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and anyone interested in the world of mergers & acquisitions. In this edition, you will:

  • Access listings of our featured existing opportunities
  • Learn how to reduce owner independence before a sale
  • Gain valuable insights from our managing directors and associates
  • Get a glimpse into the med-tech and NDT industry sectors
  • Read about M&A in Ireland and South Africa for 2019
  • Discover more about us through client testimonials
  • Be inspired by stories of other entrepreneurs’ successes and failures
  • Hear ideas about retirement, exit planning, and selling a family business
  • See a selection of completed transactions
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