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Benchmark International will be holding exclusive, one-to-one, confidential workshops designed to help business owners plan and execute their exit or growth strategy. Transitioning a business in this regard must be planned carefully which is why we are offering our tailored approach to facilitating a deal. This is an opportunity for you to receive our professional advice without any expectations or commitments.
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The Benchmark team includes more than 250 corporate M&A specialists, dealmakers, researchers, and analysts whose talents combine to offer our clients the very best M&A experiences. A multi-disciplinary team of experts is assigned to oversee each transaction to make certain that every detail of your deal is managed meticulously and with personal attention.
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What You Need To Know About Selling Your Business To A Strategic Buyer

August 9, 2022
What You Need To Know About Selling Your Business To A Strategic Buyer
In my last webinar, I walked you through how to successfully navigate a deal with a PE Fund. In this edition, I will detail some of the nuances, benefits, and potential problems associated with selling your business to a strategic buyer. What exactly is a strategic buyer? How do we distinguish a strategic buyer from a financial buyer? How does the due diligence investigation change? How might it impact valuation? What are the impacts post-close?