vcardKieran Schofield

Managing Director
One New Bailey
4 Stanley Street
Manchester M3 5JL

Mr. Schofield grew up in the North West of England and began his career in M&A as an office junior, taking every opportunity to get involved in as many aspects of the business as he could. This led to him working directly with sellers, buyers, solicitors and finance providers alike to bring deals together with as few complicationas possible. In time, this experience was turned to helping others develop their own skills and guiding operational development of the business, something he findvery engaging and still drives him today. Kieran’s focus is primarily on helping the business improve its own processes and operational concerns, but with the fundamental understanding that outcomes should always, ultimately, improve client experiencesThis means putting into practice development plans based on feedback from clients and our own internal teams. He firmly believes that no business should ever stand stilland Benchmark International is no exception.


Being part of a team that is so committed to getting the job done for each client is very inspiring for Kieran, and it always reminds him to think about the ways he can better contribute to the collective success. He takepride in seeing others who he has worked closely with go on to enjoy success in their own right.




Mr. Schofield’s position is varied with diverse operational elements including working on improving internal business processes, IT and systems development, and attending to matters that do not necessarily fit neatly into any one categoryPrior to joining Benchmark International, he worked in a procurement role for the service division of a major, multi-national company that manufactures water systems. This provided him with a solid insight into how a global company operates and the valuable experience of building relationships across an international stageHe recognised that the Benchmark International team was building something special, and, with the experience he had, he believed he could help the team continue to build.


Business Development, Project Management, Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Business Planning, Report Writing 


Music is a lifelong passion for Mr. Schofield, and he particularly enjoys playing the drums and the guitar. He is also a big motorsport fan, and whether it's Formula One, MotoGP, or something a bit more obscure like Jetsprint, he respects the combination of strategy, speed and competition.