vcardCarlvin Kihura

Senior Associate
101 Park Drive
Milton Park
Oxfordshire OX14 4RY

Mr. Kihura grew up in Berkshire, where he attended King’s Academy Prospect School before progressing on to study at the University of the West of England, obtaining a BA in International Relations.

At Benchmark International, Carlvin is Head of Research & Outreach and oversees the planning and executing of research campaigns, builds relationships, and progresses discussions with all types of buyers, from trade to private equity, in relation to our mandated opportunities.


Carlvin has extensive experience in both recruitment & retention, as well as M&A. Prior to joining Benchmark International, Carlvin worked for BDO UK LLP within their Global Outsourcing, Offshoring & Business Advisory department, before progressing on to mergers & acquisitions at BCMS Corporate.


Mr. Kihura is passionate about his role at Benchmark because he understands selling one’s business is a huge and emotional journey which can at times be filled with uncertainty. Through providing ongoing support throughout a business owner’s journey and building solid relationships with our clients, many of whom are now friends, he works to reduce any uncertainty, allowing our clients to enjoy the experience and prepare to enjoy the next stage of their life.

Outside of Benchmark International, Carlvin is an advocate for environmental sustainability and is a supporter of Kenya Green Building Society, a non-profit, non-political, member-based organisation leading the transformation of the built environment towards environmentally sustainable buildings.


Project management, communication, creative thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, research, adaptability, approachability, organisation, ability to work under pressure, resourcefulness.