vcardKyle Kubacki

Deal Origination Team Lead
4030 West Boy Scout Blvd
Suite 500
Tampa FL 33607

Mr. Kubacki’s role at Benchmark International as an Origination Team Lead is crucial to the overall process of M&A. He manages a team of six qualified individuals who are responsible for reaching out to prospective clients that are looking for an exit strategy or partnership for themselves or their company. The main goal of the team is to decide if their specific situation is something that Benchmark International can assist with and provide insight into the current M&A market. He then facilitates the logistics of the initial meeting between the principals of the company looking at their M&A options and Benchmark International’s seasoned directors.


Florida State University - BS, Sports Management & International Affairs


As a Deal Origination Team Lead at Benchmark International, Kyle helps to provide potential clients with specialized advice for their unique situations with regard to the M&A process. He enjoys contributing to a company that is comprised of international Sales Specialists that help find special acquirers to deliver maximum value, full/partial exit structures, company grooming and valuation services for our clients. He finds success in knowing that he is capable of providing insight and valuable information to business owners and principals that are exploring M&A opportunities for their company.


Decision Making, Leadership, Adaptability, Communication, Dependable, Problem Solving, Time Management, Mentoring, Strategic Planning, Business Development


Mr. Kubacki strongly believes that the value of the work that Benchmark International does provides a highly beneficial service to our clients. Being able to help find solutions and quality partnerships—the kind that the majority of M&A firms of similar size are unable to achieve—is due to our proven process and strong relationships with a variety of firms. He is deeply motivated to work with one of the top middle-market M&A firms in the world and contribute to the numerous testimonials we have received from completed transactions since our inception.



Kyle was very helpful in facilitating a one to one meeting with a representative from Benchmark International and my executive team. He went above and beyond in making sure I was very comfortable with their process and ensured confidentiality was maintained throughout. He was able to prepare all of the items requested from me prior to the meeting and was very knowledgeable and able to answer every question I sent his way during the meeting. Overall, the professionalism that was displayed was exceptional.
Douglas Birkner
Affordable RV Repair LLC