vcardAndre Bresler

Managing Partner
Airport Office Park, Freight Rd.
Ground Floor, Runway 01
International Airport
Cape Town 7525

Andre Bresler formally trained and was initially employed as a mechanical engineer at AECI. His entrepreneurial career began when he subsequently ventured into starting, buying, and selling several engineering-related companies over a 15-year period. After exiting his last engineering business in 2007, he focused on business rescue and M&A, where he can share his personal experiences and advice as a business owner exiting, as an acquirer, and as a director with the Turnaround Management Association of South Africa.

Using his frontline experience in raising finance, angel investing and brokering M&A transactions, he authored and presented numerous papers on technical topics, product commercialisation, innovation and business sales in South Africa, the UK, Spain and Australia.


As a Managing Partner of Benchmark International's South African offices, Andre finds the success and growth of his team truly rewarding. Andre and his team have worked on an array of companies across multiple industries. They have been very active internationally and have sold one in every three of their client's companies to overseas buyers.




The University of the Witwatersrand - BSc, Mechanical Engineering

Wits Business School - Management Advanced Programme


As an entrepreneur, turnaround specialist and seasoned M&A professional, Andre brings to the transaction table a very broad generalist knowledge of multiple industry sectors and a keen understanding of business opportunities and acquisitions that will benefit all parties. Furthermore, having built strong relationships with corporate acquirers, private equity and family offices, Andre has gained insights into the strategies of some of the most successful organisations and individuals, both locally and internationally. 

The Benchmark International process is unique in its ability to transition options into choices; the journey to a sale is a dynamic one where the multitude of options can paralyse choice and it is only by engaging different buyers - each with their own synergies and strategic motives - that choices are crystallised. Andre explores the options that empowers clients to find the choice that is right for them, their families, their staff and their businesses. 


For ten long years, Andre watched as a family member struggled to sell a lucrative engineering concern. It seemed astonishing to him that the true value of that business could not be unlocked through traditional methods. Extensive research and a healthy curiosity led him to identify a process powerful enough to deliver maximum value for both buyer and seller. His journey led him to Benchmark International, a company built by entrepreneurs, servicing a market of entrepreneurs.  Having discovered his excitement lay more in disposing of companies than running them, M&A became an obvious career choice.



Andre (our deal leader) was with us throughout the negotiations and the final deal-making stages, and knew the right people on the legal side, so we could get to the contract stage. And we managed to maintain confidentiality right to the end. This was very important to us because we didn’t want to create any jitters among our customers. We felt like we had control of the whole process and that gave us confidence.
Derrick Mulligan
Phambili Interface
The project was managed very well. It was very stressful, and there’s a lot more work involved in it than we thought. Andre [Bresler] was with us all the way through. I would recommend you to anyone, I will definitely go down the same route if I come to sell a business again.
Lee Hodgins