vcardChristopher Duffy

4551 Glencoe Avenue
Suite 100
Marina del Rey CA 90292

Christopher Duffy grew up in Philadelphia where he got his start in teamwork and leadership through playing high school football. After high school, he joined the United States Air Force.  Since then, Christopher has lived in Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

As well as being a retired financial services executive with 30 yrs experience, Christopher also owns a small family construction business. As a result, he can see every transaction from both the financial and small business sides. As a financial executive, he was involved with dozens of IPOs and large exits. Christopher’s clients were CEOs, Forbes 400, and high-profile individuals. He has two small children – Melody aged 8 and Fitzy aged 4.


MBA from Arizona State University and attended Thunderbird School of Global Management




Before Benchmark International, Christopher worked as a financial services executive in San Francisco where he led 150 employees across six retail branches. He also ran a small family business, including managing payroll, sales, operations, and the day-to-day activities of a small business. As a financial executive, Christopher helped hundreds of business owners. He helped them raise capital, grow their businesses, and in many cases, helped them transition through an exit. He saw many business owners reach the exit point where they were excited and fulfilled. However, he also saw several owners reach that same exit-point feeling disappointed and overall exhausted from the process. Christopher wants to help owners reach a satisfying exit so that they may enjoy the results of all their hard work. His strengths at work are that my combination of financial background and small business ownership allows me to provide a unique perspective to business owners.


Christopher is passionate about learning about businesses and helping their owners grow and achieve their goals. As a business owner himself, he not only understands and empathizes with his clients’ struggles, but also celebrates in their victories. Christopher is passionate about family and fatherhood. He enjoy helping small business owners. To him – it’s not work – it’s fun.