vcardDrew Deal

Managing Director
3100 West End Ave
Suite 150
Nashville TN 37203

Mr. Deal was raised in the small town of Concord, NC, where he was instilled with a strong work ethic and a natural inclination to make a positive impact on the lives of others. From an early age, he was heavily involved in various organizations affiliated through the Boys & Girls Club, he was a captain of the football team, and was elected as president of the student body. He graduated from Appalachian State University where he pursued a double major in Finance and Risk Management, while also leading and being part of various community-based and personal interest organizations on and off campus.

Having thoroughly analyzed thousands of businesses across multiple industries, Drew understands what makes businesses special, which ultimately drives value. Because he was part of a start-up company, he also knows the struggles and pressures business owners face each day. His passion is helping those business owners realize their full value and potential, while also ensuring that the employees and their families have a secure place to work for many years to come. He is motivated by knowing that clients trust and depend on Benchmark to help them realize a lifetime of hard work and dedication and provide for those that depend on them most.


Mergers & Acquisitions, Middle Market, Strategic Consulting, Business Valuation, Business Planning, Critical Thinking, Contract Negotiation, Go-To-Market Strategy, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Management, Leadership, Business Development, Communication, Interpersonal Skills




Appalachian State University - Finance & Banking 

Appalachian State University - Risk Management & Insurance


Ultimately, Drew’s focus is to create great partnerships. He believes that for any partnership to be a success, parties must share common goals and trust.

After a successful career in risk and financial analysis consulting in the middle market space, Mr. Deal decided to take his own risk and go into a tech driven start-up. After creating, building, and successfully exiting that company, he joined Benchmark International to help business owners through one of the most important and difficult decisions they will face in their professional lives. Given his background in risk and financial analysis across all industries, he is able to quickly understand what our clients’ businesses do and how they operate.

Drew joined Benchmark International because he shares the company’s vision and common goal of ensuring that businesses on “Main Street” have the best chance for success when exiting their company when battling buyers on “Wall Street” and across the globe.


As sell-side M&A advisors, Benchmark International normally represents “the little guy” in a deal. With our global reach and M&A expertise, we level the playing field to ensure our clients are getting the best possible deal they can in every facet of the word. Drew has a true passion for doing all that he can to guarantee that our economy’s most critical asset, small and mid-sized businesses, are able to fulfill their destinies and achieve their ultimate goals.