vcardEmily Hooshmand

4030 West Boy Scout Blvd
Suite 500
Tampa FL 33607

As one of the first members of Benchmark International's office in the U.S., Mrs. Hooshmand has grown with the company in a range of roles alongside the Chairman, CEO, and International Directors. She worked with the Chairman and CEO to open the headquarters in Tampa in 2012.

Emily develops and implements comprehensive marketing plans for valuation workshops and domestic and international conferences. The invitation-only, confidential valuation workshops are tailored to each business and are designed to help business owners understand the current value of their company. The conferences allow Benchmark International to showcase our latest sell-side opportunities, network with existing and new buyers, remain current on deals and recent activity in the M&A market, and promote overall brand awareness. Prior to her role as Conference and Workshop Events Director, she spent more than six years on the transaction side of the business. Specifically, she prepared clients for market by tailoring professional and informative marketing materials that highlight the strengths and opportunities of their businesses. She has assisted more than 100 clients across an array of industries, from the initial engagement period to data management and due diligence. Between 2017 and 2018, she assisted the team in successfully closing 24 transactions.


Among her successes at Benchmark International include the sale of Rx30 to GTCR and deal of ComputerRx also to GTCR. The team was able to achieve a rich multiple for the client. That same multiple was reached in the following sale of ComputerRx.




University of South Florida - BS, International Studies and Business


Emily finds success on the front end of transactions when she brainstorms with clients on key selling points and areas for growth for their business. On the back end, she feels gratified to see clients’ satisfaction with the delivery of multiple competitive offers.

Strong analytical and interpersonal communication skills have allowed Emily to deliver tangible results for sellers. She emphasizes the working relationship between the client and herself, allowing her to craft client-specific solutions and get ahead of sensitive issues. Her responsibilities have ranged from analytics to sales and management.

Emily has created hundreds of targeted business intelligence lists and built financial analysis files for clients to arrive at their adjusted EBITDA. Her specific database experience includes CapitalIQ, FirstResearch, Zephyr, and PitchBook.


Mrs. Hooshmand’s several-year tenure with Benchmark International speaks volumes. Seeing the model flourish from a national to truly international scale is something that is personally close to her. She loves working alongside some of the most dedicated and determined colleagues in the industry who are tasked with handling one of the most critical tasks in the lifetime of a business owner.



I would like to thank all the members of the Benchmark International transaction team thatworked diligently to produce this result and feelstrongly we could not have achieved this withoutthem by my side every step of the way.
Gary Coker
Our engagement with the Benchmark team was an exceptional experience from start to finish. Every teammember performed admirably with the utmost of professionalism, dedication and perseverance throughout theentire process. Unquestionably, we would not have consummated our transaction without their commitment toexcellence and expertise. Without Benchmark International our company would not have accomplished whattheir team did. Our company and our family will be forever grateful for their outstanding performance and thenumerous benefits we have and will continue to realize.
Scott Hunter
The Benchmark team was very professional, responsive and provided great guidance during our entire transactionprocess. Having Benchmark on our side, focusing on the details of the transaction process, allowed our management team to continue to focus on the day to day running of our business. I would highly recommend partnering with Benchmark for any small to mid-size business owner that is considering the sale or merger of their firm. We are excited to be part of the ASD team and look forward to providing expanded services and capabilities to our clients through the synergies of the combined companies
Jeff Cook