vcardJason Donker

Associate Transaction Director
4030 West Boy Scout Blvd
Suite 500
Tampa FL 33607


Before joining Benchmark International, Jason worked at a large company called RSM US LLP as a Risk Advisory Services & Business Consultant. He worked with large multinational clients in a variety of industries. He worked closely on both small and large teams helping to advise clients of up to one billion dollars in assets on material risks they face with regard to financial statement presentation and additional compliance procedures. Further, he identified areas of normal business operations that could be improved and helped implement a strategic plan for moving forward.


Florida State University - BS, Finance and Real Estate

Florida State University - MS, Finance


Among many closings and much team success, Jason finds it very rewarding to find the eventual buyer for a transaction, being ingrained in the late stage discussions and negotiations that require a bit of creativity and steadfast determination.


Born in Columbus, Ohio, Mr. Donker has always had a blue-collar attitude towards success. The personal sacrifice, selflessness and hard work demonstrated by his parents instilled in him a determination to strive for greatness in everything he does. He grew up in a household that stressed values such as honesty, integrity, discipline, and doing the right thing. He went on to attend high school in Parkland, FL, followed by college at Florida State University, where he gained valuable lessons and experiences and had healthy competition that drove him to succeed.

At Benchmark International, Jason is an Associate Transaction Director. His ability to talk to people and interpersonal skills are key to his success and the team’s success. He helps to negotiate transactions and achieve the best possible deals for our clients. Often times, he has the difficult conversations that no one else wants to have, and he believes he is better off for it. The ability to remain calm, stay organized, and maintain an eagerness to learn more are all key parts of his role.


Interpersonal Skills, Organization Skills, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Ability to Pivot Based on Priority, Time Management, Teamwork Skills, Building Others up Rather than Breaking them Down, Quantitative Skills, Focused, Rational, Helpful to Others, On Time


Mr. Donker is passionate about working at Benchmark International because he gets to play a key role in making our clients happy. Their life’s work is in our hands, and we are tasked with a major responsibility. It is one that we take pride in knowing that we are delivering the best possible result to everyday people who want to ensure their business rests in good hands when they leave it.



The ability to disagree without being disagreeable is a difficult skill to master in the field of negotiations, and one which Jason has had no trouble in excelling.
Brian Tobin