vcardMichal Hansen

2009 South Capital of Texas Hwy
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Austin TX 78746

Michal grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, later moving on to Seattle, Washington. Most notably, he spent 10 years living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, with a minor in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution.

Along his journey, Michal started several companies and eventually sold one of them in Dubai. He has also witnessed firsthand what it is like being an employee of a company that was acquired, watching and experiencing this process over three years of negotiations, transition, and integration.

Learning about new businesses and all of their unique facets truly inspires Michal. Often, a business can be thought of as a family member, nurtured from the ground up. He understands that this process is one of the most challenging and rewarding things one can do in their career. Having built his career around strategic development—and with more than 20 years in relationship management, conflict resolution and negotiations—he brings a unique perspective to the table when focusing on the best possible outcomes for our clients.


Michal’s interests are aligned with those of every seller that we work with. When they win, we win. He is also empathetic to buyer expectations and always seeking a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties. 

The business that Michal sold in the UAE was built around brand engagement and experiential marketing. Their passion was rooted in making the right impressions for their clients, and what their customers see and felt when they interacted with the brand. In addition, he managed international teams, both large and small, in delivering market-leading solutions for some of the largest organizations in the Middle East.

Michal is motivated by the opportunity to wake up and meet new people every day, engaging in their stories about business and life in true American spirit. That is part of what he loves so much about being in the Benchmark International family. We all want to make a meaningful difference in peoples lives, and that is what he is here to do.

Previously, Michal worked on the transaction side of the business at Benchmark International. During Michal's time as a Transaction Director, he was a part of several transactions ranging across multiple industries.




University Of Washington - International Business

Copenhagen Business School - Negotiations and Conflict Resolution


Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions,Relationship Management, Strategic Planning, Negotiation, Corporate Management, Conflict Resolution, International Business, Corporate Strategy, Relationship Management, Business Analysis. 


At work, Michal believes that we only win when our clients win. He previously started and sold a business, so he understands the roller coaster that comes with the process. There are plenty of ups and downs, but persistence and determination will ultimately give everyone the results that we all want. Outside of work, Michal loves spending time with his wife and children, and he also enjoys traveling, scuba diving, and soccer.