vcardNicholas Salvatore

Managing Director
2009 South Capital of Texas Hwy
Suite 300
Austin TX 78746

Mr. Salvatore was raised in New York where he excelled in academic, athletic, and leadership ventures. His undergraduate degree led him to St. Bonaventure University, as well as Messiah University in Pennsylvania, where he flourished as a collegiate athlete with professional baseball aspirations, which took him to the Southern US.

As a Managing Director for Benchmark International, Nick is responsible for leading our origination division as we work with equity owners in a myriad of sectors to provide various exit, growth, or partnership strategies. Since he previously ran his own business, he can relate to the focus, importance of decisions, and pressure that our clients face, especially in valuation. Nick brings an acute awareness of those things to the table and shows clients how political, economic, and timing factors can dynamically impact them. He understands our clients’ decades of sacrifice and enjoys seeing the pure joy that clients experience when they are rewarded.


Leadership, Transparency, Communication, Trust, Accuracy, Negotiation, Grit, Perseverance, Persuasion, Passion, Timeliness, Management, Aggressiveness, Professionalism, Loyalty




Messiah University - Marketing

St Bonaventure University - Marketing


Nick was previously part of a startup technology business that eventually transacted with a very large global company that aimed to deliver its own packages. His job was to define the 220+ routing parameters, both static and variable, that could impact the 4.5-million line algorithm and the client’s fleet of vehicles. Because his job was in business development when the transaction occurred, he left as the acquisition was solely for that company. This exit helped shape his ability to understand, relate, and tie back to choices and impacts that can come from M&A. Looking back, he wishes he had a company like Benchmark International involved in the transaction.

With his unique perspective, he recognized true value in Benchmark International’s services, global presence, and reputation and wanted to be a part of the team.
Nick has an innate ability to be candid with clients and make difficult topics something that can easily be understood and grasped. He is equally as comfortable in the 50th-floor boardroom as he is in a metal fabricated building. In fact, in his role he has spearheaded a major architectural deal worth nine figures.


Mr. Salvatore is passionate about everything involved in a business. He appreciates how much blood, sweat, and tears that business owners have put into their companies and that they want to ensure they leave nothing on the table in a massive monetary event that can be quite a grey area. Nick values knowing how much our counsel and assistance can clarify important issues for our clients.