vcardPatrick Haynes

Associate Director
101 Park Drive
Milton Park
Oxfordshire OX14 4RY

Mr. Haynes grew up on a family farm in Oxfordshire. Patrick has always been academic, with a strong work ethic ingrained in him from a very young age. This has helped him with his passion for athletics (long-distance running and triple jump) and his interest in mathematics and statistics, which he pursued at university, obtaining a BA in Accounting & Finance and an MSc in Forensic Accounting.

At Benchmark International’s Oxford office, Patrick is responsible for the quality of the marketing materials created for all our clients. He oversees a team of copywriters and is actively engaged on all projects, ensuring the highest quality standards and accuracy of data. As Head of Department, he is also responsible for the smooth-running of the division, measuring various performance metrics to ensure the department continues to run efficiently and smoothly.


Patrick is very data driven and is passionate about meticulously tracking metrics and is fixated on efficiency and performance. This helps him support clients, providing a friendly and expert opinion wherever needed, and to ensure that the quality of the marketing materials we create are of the highest standard, with the goal of maximising interest on all companies that go to market from the Oxford office.


Communication, team leadership, reviewing, proof-reading, reporting & analysis, data analysis, editing, persistence, management, co-ordination, determination, independence, strategy, empathy, encouragement.


Patrick trains three hours a day, five days a week as a strongman athlete and has won several titles including fourth place at England’s Strongest Man, third place at Britain’s Strongest Man, and first place at WHEA Strongman - World Champion, European Champion and British Champion. His ultimate goal is achieving the title of strongest man in the world.