vcardVolker Flöring

Associate Director
Sky Office
Kennedydamm 24
Düsseldorf 40476

Mr. Flöring grew up on the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. After graduating from high school and completing his military service, he trained as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant in the dental sector. He recognised his passion for customer advice and support very early on.

At Benchmark International, Mr. Flöring has the opportunity to use this experience and to develop personally, while supporting entrepreneurs in maintaining their life's work after they have invested years of strength, energy and money in their company.


Mr. Flöring has 31 years of experience in the dental business. He has supported companies of various orientations in the distribution of small materials up to complex furnishings.

Before joining Benchmark international, Mr Flöring accompanied entrepreneurs on their path to success and provided comprehensive support in the selection of suitable products and services.


Sales, sales management, coaching, restructuring, communication, organisation, motivation, strategic thinking, problem solving, key account management.


Success spurs Mr. Flöring on, which for him is synonymous with customer satisfaction. He loves to share enthusiasm with his customers and assist them in their journey to their goal.