vcardTony Yerbury

101 Park Drive
Milton Park
Oxfordshire OX14 4RY

Mr. Yerbury grew up and was educated in Nottingham. He started work in a regional building society, which led to his interest in the world of finance, which in turn led to mergers and acquisitions. He has always been an ambitious individual, driven by constant self-improvement. Tony is the first contact for clients who want to understand the current market conditions, gain an understanding of their own company’s ability to sell, and what the most likely outcome would be. He works with clients at their own pace to identify the best time to go to market and gather the information required to launch the process. Whether they are considering an exit or something more creative, Tony looks into the possibilities and provides them with a fair and professional opinion.


Tony finds joy in seeing that everyone who works at Benchmark International clearly enjoys it. Everybody cares and everybody is loyal. He feels that it offers the perfect balance between a large corporate company with huge influence and a small company that looks after employees and clients.




Mr. Yerbury has always worked in a financial environment, much of which has been related to companies and their performance. He has also worked heavily with investors and assisting with their funds. He has vast experience in most sectors related to the financial services industry and carries a broad knowledge rather than a specific technical knowledge. When he met with one of Benchmark International’s shareholders who spoke to him about the company’s vision, it was quite clear to him that it was the passionate and driven environment that he was seeking.


Tony's greatest success at Benchmark International is the sale of a company engaged in providing the support and management of IT services. This was due to securing a global buyer, exceeding the client's price expectations and the deal completing within 5 months with a small handover period for the shareholders.