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Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts

According to a recent Intralinks study, approximately 12% of all businesses owners worldwide receive unsolicited approaches to buy their companies every year.

Navigating such an approach can be very complex as seasoned acquirers have developed extensive skills, and have much experience in these transactions, whereas the majority of owners are unlikely to have sold a company before. The risks for a seller can be significant as the outcome of a process whereby a business is bought, is generally very different from one where it is sold.

In this webinar we explore:

  • Initial engagements
  • limiting disclosure to the correct information at the right time
  • How does the sale process work, what is required and why are deal cycles so long
  • Understanding your own motives, and those of the buyer
  • What are your duties post the sale, and what does it mean for your staff
  • How to generate, as opposed to eliminate, alternative options
  • The purpose, timing, benefits and pitfalls of due diligence, letters of intent and exclusivity arrangements


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