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Uniform Sales of America, Inc was successfully acquired by Individual Investor

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Uniform Sales of America, Inc - Benchmark International Client SuccessAcquired ByHigh Net Worth Investor

Benchmark International announces the sale of uniform sales of america, inc to a high net worth individual

The M&A specialist, Benchmark International has successfully negotiated the sale of Uniform Sales of America, Inc. to a high net worth individual.

Uniform Sales of America is located in Lithia Springs, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, GA. The company is a business-to-business provider of personalized uniforms and accessories to companies and government agencies. Benchmark International secured a multiple of 7.56X EBITDA for the seller; a ratio higher than what is typical in the industry.

The seller interviewed four or five other intermediaries prior to engaging Benchmark, but chose Benchmark International over the others because of its global reach, proven track record, professionalism, marketing vision, and approach to valuation. Benchmark did not put a cap on the valuation and the seller knew that the sky was the limit.

Robert Yurman of Uniform Sales of America said, "The first thing that impressed me was the confidentiality that they assured me we would have. This was very important to us before we were able get any deals on the table that confidentiality was observed. The next thing was, in starting to work with Benchmark International, the creativeness that they showed. The different models of how they would market our business was very impressive. They brought some things to the table that I hadn't even thought about. Also, the fact that we were able to do it with such a smooth transition, every step of the way, that it didn't impact our day-to-day business opportunity."

Confidentially was important to the client because the seller wanted to divulge a potential deal to others only when the time was right. Thus, Benchmark represented the client confidentially, but left no stone unturned when it came to marketing strategies.

When the opportunity went to market, there was immediate interest. Benchmark’s team narrowed the interest down to three or four offers. Benchmark presented the details of each offer to the seller and the team handled all negotiations on behalf of the seller. Benchmark’s expertise was comforting for the seller. The team maximized value for the seller, brought the deal together quickly and minimized interruption to the daily operations of the business.

After spending 30 years building the business, the seller will be enjoying retirement and spending time with his new grandson. Benchmark wishes the seller a happy and satisfying retirement and offers the best of luck to the new owner.

We decided on Benchmark for several factors because of their professionalism, their vision, the way they valued our business and made an in-depth study of our industry to determine what a good fit for us would be and what a good value would be. Their view, their vision of what our company's value was was in excess of anybody else's, and I knew if I went with somebody else we had a ceiling right away that we were not going to pass. With Benchmark, the sky was the limit. It was important to us that we were going to be presented the right way. Benchmark's professionalism gave us confidence that that would be the case, and I was also impressed with the fact that they had global reach that they weren't just looking for a local market to market our business - it was a worldwide marketing effect that was impressive as well, their track record, and just their overall professionalism.

- Robert Yurman, Uniform Sales of America, Inc
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