vcardNicholas Mortimer

Senior Director
101 Park Drive
Milton Park
Oxfordshire OX14 4RY

Before joining Benchmark, Mr. Mortimer was a regional manager for another M&A adviser, where he spent seven years building the business in the South West of England. Prior to that, his experience was in fine art, print and general publishing, advertising, facilities management, residential & commercial property management and the retail logistics sectors. He was approached by the principal shareholders of Benchmark International in 2011. Having worked with them in developing and building another very successful enterprise, he had no hesitation in joining them. Nick has an incisive and intelligent ability to understand clients’ business models, identify value drivers and underlying IPR, deal structuring, latent non-financial deal-drivers, closing, and deal preparation guidance. He also has the ability to effectively communicate with and understand most clients who happen to be at the same age/life-stage as him.




During his early years, Mr. Mortimer was schooled and educated by the British Royal Air Force (RAF), as his father was an officer engineer. His family spent many years travelling and he completed his education living in South London and went out on his own at the young age of 17. As a board director of Benchmark International, Nick’s primary role is to introduce our services to owner-managed and family-run businesses seeking exit or growth partners, to provide advice on the processes involved and realistic valuation expectations, and to ensure our expert team delivers a professional transaction to completion.


Nick would attribute his greatest individual success at Benchmark to the sale of a relatively small business engaged in creative design and marketing. The clients were dedicated to their staff, had spent many years building the business and had left it too late with their exit planning. After much deliberation, they came to market with Benchmark. We found the perfect buyer and a completed within a few months of their instruction, giving them their well-deserved exit and retirement. For Nick, it was satisfying to have been instrumental in the company achieving this, especially as it has now gone on to enjoy further growth. Company-wise, Nick has been successful in building Benchmark’s reputation in his region of the UK, which secures us many referral clients. 


Business Analysis, Strategic/Non-Financial/IPR Valuation Analysis, Face-to-Face Communication & Negotiation Skills, P&L Valuation Forecasting, Strong Copywriting Ability, Ability to Interpret Management Accounts & Forecasting, Strong Grasp of Statistics, Ability to Identify KPIs