vcardJordan Wilkins

Senior Director
10 Lea Ave.
Suite 780
Nashville TN 37210

Jordan has spent many years helping business owners optimize their operations and take their businesses to new heights. He often thinks of how his grandparents owned their own business, and when it came time for retirement they chose to sell, as they had no successors to take over. Throughout the process they did not have a qualified representative in their corner, endured great stress, and struggled to maintain the quality of life they had grown accustomed to over their 23 years in business. He is greatly inspired by the distinct opportunity to help people avoid the difficulties his grandparents experienced. He remains passionate about helping people devise creative solutions on how to get from where they are to where they want to be in their personal and professional lives.


Interpersonal Relationships, Strategic Consultation & Coaching, Business Development, Public Speaking, Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Business Valuation, Leadership, Strategic Negotiations, Direct & Indirect Sales, Sales Systems & Strategies, Team Building & Training, Marketing Strategies, Product Development


Mr. Wilkins grew up in Atlanta, GA before his family relocated to Madrid, Spain, where they worked with churches and camps to develop leadership programs for children and adults. Driven by his ambition for constant self-improvement, he graduated from high school in Spain before moving to St. Petersburg, FL where he graduated from the University of South Florida. Because Jordan has experience as a business owner with an extensive background in business development, he offers valuable insights for clients. As part of his tenacious and optimistic nature, he continually seeks opportunities for growth that can be translated into success stories, believing that where you have been is not as important as where you can go.


As a Business Development Director at Benchmark International, Jordan works closely with business owners to help make the process of placing their business on the market as smooth and worry-free as possible. He understands how transitioning a business can be stressful and he strives to mitigate those feelings so the experience can be enjoyed as exciting and filled with potential. Prior to joining the Benchmark International team, he owned and operated a business development firm focused on coaching business owners to avoid pitfalls and run the most efficient and optimized business possible. Many of these businesses were in an ideal position to be marketed to sell. This sparked his interest in the selling and investing side of the business world, which is why Benchmark International’s proven business model, structure and mission appealed to him so greatly.


University of South Florida