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Is Grooming My Business for Sale a Waste of Time?

As a business owner, buying back your time by exiting your business or bringing on a strategic partner shouldn’t be expensive. It should be efficient and financially rewarding. Many owners postpone this needed move for too long, often due to their apprehension concerning what they will have to do to get the business into shape to sell. But this is a pointless concern.

In this webinar, we will get straight to the point –

  • Grooming your business for sale could be counterproductive
  • Your business may already be prepared for your exit
  • You could still achieve maximum value without grooming it for sale
  • Going straight to market may be better

We will explain why you needn’t delay the process by grooming or polishing up your most valuable asset. It may seem counterintuitive and it certainly runs against the conventional wisdom, but Benchmark International has sold hundreds of businesses around the world at lofty multiples and the jury is in … for low to middle market businesses, moving straight to market is better than the alternative.



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