vcardWilliam Sullivan

Transaction Director
4030 West Boy Scout Blvd
Suite 500
Tampa FL 33607

Mr. Sullivan grew up in the Washington, DC area, attended the University of Virginia for his Undergrad, and then received his Master of International Business from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. After spending a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Europe, he began doing transaction work (both buy-side and sell-side) in 2010. Will has always been a goal-oriented person, and he is particularly drawn to complex processes. The world of M&A features all of these elements, making each day interesting and energizing.

At Benchmark International, Will leverages his decade-plus of experience as an M&A professional to help business owners and managers find great partners. And he is an entrepreneur himself, so he understands the challenges and opportunities of the process and always works first and foremost to be a trusted partner. He believes that the support and service he provides his clients can be truly life changing—making it is his job to ensure the best outcome possible.  


Financial Modeling, M&A, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Market Research, Project Management, Due Diligence, Client Development, Financial Market Research, Public Speaking, Writing, Editorial, Organizational Capacity Building, Recruiting, Staff Development, Personnel and Team Management 




Working with clients to fully develop what makes their business unique and great, Will conveys that value proposition in the most compelling way possible to get a deal completed. And he has first-hand experience as a business owner. He led a group that founded and grew a hard cider production company in Washington, DC. Going through the process of raising capital, starting a business, and driving it through its initial rapid growth provided him with a valuable insight into what his clients go through, giving him empathy for their experience. Additionally, Will spent about a decade as an M&A advisor, completing deals on both the buy and sell-side sectors in the $30M-$4.5B transaction value range.

Will joined Benchmark International because he wanted to focus exclusively on sell-side mandates for great middle-market businesses that serve as the economy’s true growth engines. He admires business owners who start and run their own companies, and he wants to help them be rewarded for their achievements, also believing that our clients’ successes are our successes.


The satisfaction Will receives from helping clients to change their lives drives his passion in his professional life, but his number one passion is his family, followed by travel, culture, and languages, which he uses to impart wisdom on his children. He has traveled to 50+ countries and has studied four foreign languages (Spanish, French, Farsi, Bulgarian). He has also lived in Spain and Bulgaria. His next big dream trip is to visit Central Asia.


Fletcher School, Tufts University - International Business & Economic Law

University of Virginia - Government