vcardHugh McKibbin

Associate Director

Mr. McKibbin grew up in West Belfast throughout the unrest in Northern Ireland. Such difficult times taught him the resilience to face setbacks and challenges, driving him to succeed throughout his career. Hugh helps business owners plan a suitable exit strategy that suits both shareholders and the company they have built. This life-changing decision is handled with paramount importance and discretion. He advises on salability & scalability, and establishes a potential valuation based on the current market while identifying suitable types of buyers based on deals structure and value objectives.


Transparency and integrity are the pillars in which Mr. McKibbin sets out to succeed, and these qualities are mirrored through the professionalism of the Benchmark International team. He is extremely passionate about the work we implement within the M&A market and honoured to be part of so many success stories.




Hugh has 15+ years of extensive business development and account management experience working with small local businesses throughout Ireland. He has helped local businesses grow strategically and profitably over the years and has a strong desire to see local companies reach their full potential, a philosophy we share at Benchmark International. Coming from a self-employed background, he can relate to many business owners and quickly identify their key factors on what they would like to achieve. This enables him to provide suitable, relevant solutions and exceed expectations.


Hugh set up a Scout group in an underprivileged area to help local children socialise effectively and learn new life skills. This provided a community with a getaway for children to prevent them taking the wrong path in life.

secret talent 

While it is no secret that Hugh is musical, having played in many prestigious venues throughout the UK and Ireland such as The Waterfront Hall and The Royal Albert Hall, Hugh’s secret talent is that he can play a number of instruments, including the drums, trumpet, piano and even the tin whistle.