vcardPeter Pogose

Associate Director
101 Park Drive
Milton Park
Oxfordshire OX14 4RY

Mr. Pogose’s diverse career and sector experience was a major asset to securing his role at Benchmark International. He has worked in multiple sectors and within multiple roles, from brokering various financial products and trading spot currencies in the city of London to working in the corporate hospitality, waste management, retail, corporate foreign exchange, IT solutions, recruitment and charity sectors. 


Peter feels that Benchmark International is simply and honestly the best company for which he has ever worked. He has the autonomy to be himself, as well as the support to improve himself. He savours the feeling that he is helping Benchmark International’s business to grow and he enjoys the connections made with entrepreneurs who trust us to seek acquirers for their businesses. Every day is a new experience, a fresh conversation and a new challenge. For him, it’s a wonderful working culture, supported by very talented individuals.




Mr. Pogose grew up in Beckenham in Kent, where athletics was a major part of his life. His first job as a Junior Money Broker in the city of London came from the local cricket club. There, he was surrounded by highly charged and driven individuals who were money making experts and well rewarded for their efforts. Peter has a genuine passion for meeting business owners. He understands the challenges and pressures that it takes to run a business and he has enormous respect for those that can start a project and complete the journey.